Iele Steen is the person that gave me the answer on WHY greytogreen™ really works. For companies and for people. Again and again. /Birgitta

1. WHY did you and the team develop greytogreen™?
(What is the story behind – worth sharing?)

For me ”personal development” is the reason why we are on this planet. And I always had the passion to support people to make more out of their life…

We are free, but do not always feel free.

So many people find life so hard, have the feeling they are stuck. As an observer it is easy to see, but when you are stuck yourself, it is difficult to take a distance and to look as an observer…

Reading books is great, listening to other peoples’s story can also help you on the way, but with greytogreen we were able to create experiences where a group of participants do the work themselves, using The Power of Learning* (Klas Mellander). By getting information, having discussions about it, discover, and and then come to the conclusion !AHA!, I could consciously choose to act in this way, and it would give me better results …

Life can be so much lighter, when you have a process and a thinkingmodel, to support you in creating new possibilities. WE are the only ones being able to change our situation by changing our own attitude.

2. WHAT is the most important business-use, that greytogreen™ can bring to companies?

  • greytogreen™ creates an open attitude, So that you in a company can leave the hidden agenda’s and have open discussions. It supports people to look at their own assumptions and beliefs and find creative solutions to get unstuck. When two persons or a team know the proces, they can together find solutions for challenges. Challenges become possibilities.
  • greytogreen™ honours the people’s intrinsic motivation, and let them integrate it in their professional life, so the ”bubbles of life” or the positive life force come back.

3. WHICH is your own most valuable “greytogreen-story”?

  • Examples with business partners, I learned to speak up,to be authentic, instead of ”keeping my frustrations to remain in harmony. I learned how I can be strong while being vulnerable and I learned to listen to criticism, instead of defending myself immediately.
  • Personal examples which has also been very important to my business, greytogreen helped me to see what ”learnings” a traumatic bus accident brought to me, especially: how I was always been a giver and a really bad receiver, and so I learned to ”accept gratefully”. And there is also a very personal one. I started the greytogreenprocess, after realizing my husband had a relationship since 4 years with a friend of mine. I looked at my assumptions and was able to twist and take decisions that I never regretted: to leave him, but to stay friends. And it worked!!
Jens Goder Iele Steen & Diane Van den Berge The TEAM behind greytogreen™

Jens Goder Iele Steen & Diane Van den Berge
The TEAM behind greytogreen™

Short Facts about The Power of Learning of Klas Mellander The book, offers a five-step process that makes learning easier and shows how to get trainees more involved. It shows trainers, managers, and employees how individual learning can contribute to a stronger, more successful organization through different approaches to learning. The Power of Learning includes: illustrations and examples that are entertaining and informative; information on learning vs. training; shortcuts to help the reader train and learn.

Iele Steen Thriving Business Community, Belgium

Iele Steen Thriving Business Community, Belgium